Youth Internship Program

> Becoming a YIP Intern

"It is exciting to grow and learn in different areas."
- Jessica Brown, intern, Ross Creek Centre for the Arts

Internship, along with apprenticeship and mentorship, play a significant role in cultural sector professional development.

Through an internship, you will gain practical experience in the cultural sector; receive on-the-job training and mentorship during the project; develop and strengthen your own networks with the cultural sector; and increase your chance of finding more work in the sector at the end of the internship.


  • You cannot apply to CHRC for a YIP internship. Instead, you must find an organisation willing to apply, and to hire you as the intern.

  • Research which organisations might offer the most interesting internship opportunities, based on your own skills and interests. Check out CHRC's Careers in Culture website to find out more about different disciplines in the cultural sector, and consider the organizations listed at the end of each Careers in Culture website.

  • Read the success stories from mentors to see what managers are looking for in an intern.

  • Check out the reasons for becoming a YIP employer on this website, and use the information to develop your pitch to the organization of your choice.