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HR Management Toolkit – Booklets to help you solve your HR issues.

Regardless of where they work or what their jobs are, people are motivated by the same things: stimulating work, fair compensation, good management, a supportive and friendly workplace, and open communications. They stay in or leave organizations – in any sector – for the same reasons.

Cultural managers keep our HR Tools at their fingertips, as they help them solve the myriad of HR issues they have to deal with in order to retain their employees and to keep a productive work environment.

Improve and expand the scope of your HR knowledge with our HR Toolkit developed specially for the Cultural Sector.

An Overview

HR management 101 – What you need to know about HR.

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Recruiting the Right People

Have and keep the right people on your team. This makes all the difference in running a productive and successful cultural organization.

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Job Descriptions

Adequately developed, the job description is a communication tool that contributes to your organization’s success.

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Coaching, Mentoringand Succession Planning

Use coaching and mentoring to leverage both personal and organizational development.

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Dealing with Challenge and Conflict

A double-edged sword, challenge and conflict can enrich relationships and open up Creativity or, if badly handled, can destroy both personal and working relationships.

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Managing Employee Performance

Ensure that employees’ activities – what they do and how well they do them – are in sync with the goals of your organization.

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Termination of Employment

Terminate employees in a way that preserves their dignity while meeting your organization’s needs, and ensures as smooth as possible a transition out of the workplace.

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Benefits and Retirement

Provide a benefits plan for employees shows a caring attitude about their financial security, well-being and peace of mind.

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Best Practices in the Cultural Sector

Learn from small cultural organizations that have succeeded, at least to some degree, in implementing exemplary human resource management practices.

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Using Competency Charts

Improve various human resources management activities in your organization with the Charts and Profiles of competencies.

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Contracting with Independent Contractors

Effective contracts with independent contractors enable you to get the full benefit of this relationship while protecting your organization from potential problems.

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Competencies for Cultural Managers

Find out your strength and weaknesses as a cultural manager, or your hiring needs as an organisation.

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Working with a Non-Profit Board

Make the relationship you cultivate with your Board flourish.

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