"Culture 3.0 analyzes the impact of emerging digital technologies on human resources in the cultural sector from the perspectives of both employers and workers in each of the eight sub-sectors." - CHRC Executive Director, Susan Annis



> Culture 3.0: Impact of Emerging Digital Technologies on the Cultural Sector in Canada

Will the digital revolution help you or hurt you?
Finding success in the digital world

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The "digital revolution" that has permeated the cultural sector from creation to production, distribution, marketing and preservation has triggered major implications for all of us.

Has your arts practice been transformed by digital technology?

Is your arts business or cultural industry taking advantage of new opportunities opened up through these technologies?

Are you re-thinking your business model completely in the wake of the "digital revolution"?

Do you have the skills you need to move with the new technologies?

Are you up-to-date as an educator on the impact of digital technologies?

If you are an artist, cultural worker, employer or educator, Culture 3.0 has answers for you to these questions.

Based on extensive research and consultation with 250 arts practitioners and cultural workers and leaders, Culture 3.0 presents:

  • a series of recommendations for Broadcasting, Film and Television Production, Digital Media, Visual Arts and Crafts, Heritage, Live Performing Arts, Music and Sound Recording, Writing and Publishing, with
  • implementation plans and
  • case studies from the sector.

for you and others in your sub-sector, and for the sector at large and key stakeholders.

CHRC welcomes you to your digital future.

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