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Magazine Publishing


What's the difference between a reader and a user? In this section, Jacqueline Kovacs, former deputy editor of Today's Parent, will tell you it's a big one. Find out how a web presence not only supplements print publications, but offers a whole new kind of experience. This section outlines the subtle but crucial distinctions between web and print content—and teaches you how to create that unique online experience rather than simply replicating your print edition.

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Jacqueline Kovacs has been working in the magazine industry as an editor and writer for more than 20 years. She spent the past 12 years at Today's Parent, where she was Deputy Editor.


Module 1: Magazines go online
  • Introduction
  • Adapting print stories for the web
  • Is it working?
Module 2: Facebook, Twitter and blogging
  • Introduction
  • The How To
  • To Blog or Not to Blog
Module 3: Look at me! Look at me!
  • Introduction
  • Three letters: SEO
  • Incorporating online into your editorial workflow
Module 4: Steal This Idea!
  • Introduction
  • Stuff you can, should and maybe are already doing
  • Stuff to think about doing
  • Stuff to inspire you