Labour Market Information for Canada’s Cultural Sector 2019

Prepared for:
Cultural Human Resources Council

Prepared by:
The Conference Board of Canada

September 2019


This project is funded by the Government of Canada's Sectoral Initiatives Program.

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The Cultural Human Resources Council is grateful to the members of the Study's Steering Committee and Advisory Committee who have guided its development from the beginning, under the leadership of Richard Hornsby, Chair of the Cultural Human Resources Council.

Steering Committee

Chair: Richard Hornsby - Cultural Human Resources Council

  • Thomas Archer - Canadian Interactive Alliance (CIAIC)
  • Cathia Badiere - ACTRA
  • Pierre Blanchet - Union des artistes
  • Kate Edwards - Canbook
  • Barbara Nepinak - Elder, Mentor and Cultural Advisor
  • Catherine Saxberg - SOCAN

Advisory Committee

Chair: Richard Hornsby - Cultural Human Resources Council

  • Maegen Black - Canadian Crafts Federation
  • April Britski - Canadian Artists' Representation/Le Front des artistes canadiens (CARFAC)
  • Roland Bryar - CulturePlus
  • Briony Carros - Arts Nova Scotia
  • Allison Cushing - Yukon Arts Centre
  • Diane Davy - Work in Culture
  • Debborah Donnelly - CulturePlus
  • Liz Edwards - Art Dealers Association of Canada
  • Michele Emslie - Yukon Arts Centre
  • Dennis Garreck - SaskCulture
  • Ellen Hamilton - Qaggiavuut! Nunavut
  • Amy Henderson - Business & Arts NL
  • Carol Holmes - Alberta Partners for Arts and Culture
  • Pascale Landry - Compétence Culture
  • Brenda Leadley - BC Alliance for Arts and Culture
  • Mary Elizabeth Luka - Arts Nova Scotia
  • John G. McAvity - Canadian Museums Association
  • Sara Meurling - Professional Association of Canadian Theatres
  • Pam Ryan - Toronto Public Library
  • Arden Ryshpan - Canadian Actors’ Equity Association
  • Mark Sandiford - Creative PEI
  • Pete Soucy - Business & Arts NL
  • Thom Sparling - Creative Manitoba
  • David Swail - Canadian Publishers’ Council
  • Michael Wallace - Canadian Museums Association & Theatre Museum of Canada
  • Karen Wright-Fraser - Government of the NWT, Education, Culture & Employment

CHRC Project Manager

Grégoire Gagnon, D. Mus. & MPA